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Month: July 2015

Food and Wine Tastings in Napa

If you want to have the best food and wine as you travel, then Napa is the best option to visit. It serves best food and world-class wine to all its tourists. If you only have $10 in your pocket, you don’t need to worry because with that budget, you can already have a perfect meal in Napa. There are different ways to save and enjoy this beautiful place and here are some tips to follow. If you want to survive on the small budget you have, you have to stick to it and base your expenses to the market prices and familiarize yourself with several sandwich shops to reduce your expenses. There are different farmer markets in downtown Napa. Here, you can see few restaurants to enjoy with the budget you have.

Gott’s Roadside

It has locations found both in St. Helena and Napa. It offers and serves delicious and incredible burgers not more than $10. That’s how cheap it costs and you can already have tasteful burgers in Napa. There’s one interesting food shop that serves a delicious food truck called Ad Hoc. They offer crispy fried chicken made by a famous chef and it only costs $15.

Fresh Groceries

If you don’t want to go to fancy restaurants, you can cook your own food because there are various food markets where you can purchase fresh groceries for your ingredients. There are fresh vegetables, meat and spices to buy in the market. As much as you want to taste flavorful food in the restaurants, you can have that from your own cooking, you don’t need to spend huge amount of money for that. To really enjoy your stay in Napa, it’s okay to splurge a bit in your stay, even just for one night. You can order your favorite meal in a fancy restaurant so you can experience what it’s like to be in that place. Then after that, you can already follow your budget.


You can have different tastes of wine in Napa with a low budget. There are wine bottles that only cost $15-$20 and you can already enjoy sipping and drinking it. Napa city offers wine tastings in different restaurants. Here, you get to try the wine that you want to drink so you can choose the best one to purchase. Also, if you have chosen the wine for you to drink, there are wine rooms to enjoy tasting your wine. Napa is definitely the place that people should visit if they want to have that flavorful food and wine at affordable prices.

Making Friends Through Marathons


Since the time I started to run marathons, I have met a lot of people who share the same passion that I have for running. Not a lot of people take joy in doing such a strenuous activity. Some join marathons to gain experience and then leave the story behind them after they have crossed the finish line.

I am lucky, however, to have met people who see the beauty and challenge in marathons, to the point that we could meet up in various marathons across the state, without having the need tell each other to meet up. The marathons bring me and my friends together, despite our busy schedules and lives.

Just a while back, however, when I knew my friend George and I would meet for a marathon, he suddenly calls me from his place to tell me that he got into an accident and he can’t join marathons for a few months until he has fully recovered from his demise.

He accidentally slipped on his garage floor. He did not expect the floor to be wet that night of the accident where he was carrying a box from the house to the garage. As it turned out, the roof of his garage had gaping holes already, which allowed rain water to pour inside and damped the whole garage floor.

This should be a lesson: Even the most inconspicuous places in our home needs to be taken care of, less injuries and accidents are sure to happen.

Well, moral story aside, it was utterly sad that my friend and I cannot meet up for the upcoming marathon. If only the injury was not as bad, the marathon would have surely helped him regain from the accident. Marathons may be tiring but in the process they are able to tone your muscles and give your body a stronger build. If George had not been a frequent marathon runner, the damage of the accident would really have been much worse. It’s not easy to land on your back and have a box of heavy stuff fall on you and still come out stronger than all the impact.

George and I will join a welcome-back marathon soon after his doctor gives him the go signal. For now, I go and enjoy life and join marathons on my own for a while, waiting for my friend’s full recovery, soon.