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Month: November 2015

My New Paleo Diet and the Best Full Body Workout

My New Paleo Diet and the Best Full Body Workout

One thing that I love about my traveling the country is all the different kinds of people that I get to meet. I get to meet people from all over the world and country! So really I get to experience a little piece of every culture. This has helped me with my social skills. I have met so many different people that I do know a lot about other cultures and interest. So when I talk to people about running, I can also relate it to their culture. I honestly think it is just making myself a more well-rounded person. I just love traveling to different races and meeting people.

I met an interesting person this past summer at a race in Alabama. He was a short man but a very good looking guy. He also was in wonderful shape. You could tell that he took really good care of himself. I also noticed that the way he was eating. He had a lot of snacks in his bag and when we would take a break he was always grabbing something out of there. I honestly thought that was really smart and it also saved him some money I am sure. Because everything is  expensive these days. I love the Paleo diet!

After I got done with  the race I politely asked him about his snacks that he had been eating. He told me that he always has nuts, beef jerky, and raisins on him. I asked what type of diet he did and he told me all about the paleo diet. He is the owner of While we were talking, I looked up his site and I was so amazed that his site had so much information on it. He was not trying to sell anything. You can see that he just wants to help people. He has better information that the people at does. He explained everything he could in our conversation, but you can found all the information you want on his site. He has all the paleo answers!

So then I asked how many hours he spends in the gym a week. He just chuckled a little bit and said that he does not go to a gym for exercise. He said that all he does is a full body workout a few days a week. He says he just does a bodyweight workout a few days a week. I was amazed that he did not have a gym membership. He told me that he actually did a workout this morning before the tour. He was showing this site where he puts all his fitness ideas. There is something there for anybody! What is the best full body workout?

I have to admit that he was one of the most interesting guys I have met since I have been touring the country. I am so happy that he has a website so I can always go there for my fitness and diet ideas.