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Month: March 2016

Staying at a Vacation Home, All Thanks to a Realtor in Anniston

I was in Anniston, Alabama during my last travelling escapade and I must say, it was an experience that is one for the books.

Now, if you are expecting that I am about to tell a story of how beautiful and how cool my stay in the city was, then I will stop you right there before you get too disappointed.

Do not get me wrong, the trip was fun and the experience will forever be in my memory. However, it was nowhere near the typical travel story that people wish to create when they visit new places.

Vacation Home Repaired By An Expert Water Damage In Atlanta
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See, while we were in the area, we stayed at a vacation home that we were able to land because of a friend who also happens to be a realtor in Anniston. It was affordable and cozy and it was the only available vacation house that time we went. Seeing where we were staying made us all the more excited for our adventure in the city.

However, the unusual experiences started pouring in – literary.

It all started when we were about to go out for a fishing experience in a nearby fishing haven. We were packing our essentials and was about to head out for the bay when suddenly, it rained. Now, normally, we would not mind a little rain. It is all part of the adventure, right? However, we started hearing thunder noises and then flashes of lightning happened. It was apparently, a storm.

Hence, we had no choice but to stay inside for the night. Being the outdoorsy type, we could only think of so little things to do while inside the vacation home. Thankfully, there was a mini library with interesting books and we ended up spending the night over there, with the fireplace lit and all.

Then, the next “best” thing happened – I felt something wet on my feet. When I looked down, I noticed that rain water has started a small puddle under my chair. When I traced where it came from, it was from the corner wall of the mini-library. The rain was still pouring hard outside and the water through the walls started flowing stronger too.

Of course, we panicked. It was not our house. We were only renting, and to have it destroyed at our watch, even when it was entirely not our fault, is something I do not want to happen. We were also strangers in the area, so we did not know who to call for help. What we did was contact the realtor, and he said that he will contact an experts to check the area before it gets worse while we are still in the vicinity.

We were skeptical that the crew would arrive that very instance because it was still raining hard. However, in less than an hour, there was a knock on the door and the service crew was outside, ready to put a “first aid” to the water situation. After they put an initial solution to the problem, they said they will be back when the storm passes and check out what else they can do so that the incident won’t happen in the future.

When I asked them about the payment, they said that the owner of the vacation house would take care of it. I was shocked and relieved at that news.

It was indeed an experience I will never forget – staying at a house which was on the brink of getting its walls peeled off. However, it was still great to experience the professional service of the people in the area. Overall, they have been nothing but accommodating. I vow that the next time I go back to Anniston, I will make sure that I check the weather reports before planning when to go so that  I can have a better experience.