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My New Paleo Diet and the Best Full Body Workout

My New Paleo Diet and the Best Full Body Workout

One thing that I love about my traveling the country is all the different kinds of people that I get to meet. I get to meet people from all over the world and country! So really I get to experience a little piece of every culture. This has helped me with my social skills. I have met so many different people that I do know a lot about other cultures and interest. So when I talk to people about running, I can also relate it to their culture. I honestly think it is just making myself a more well-rounded person. I just love traveling to different races and meeting people.

I met an interesting person this past summer at a race in Alabama. He was a short man but a very good looking guy. He also was in wonderful shape. You could tell that he took really good care of himself. I also noticed that the way he was eating. He had a lot of snacks in his bag and when we would take a break he was always grabbing something out of there. I honestly thought that was really smart and it also saved him some money I am sure. Because everything is  expensive these days. I love the Paleo diet!

After I got done with  the race I politely asked him about his snacks that he had been eating. He told me that he always has nuts, beef jerky, and raisins on him. I asked what type of diet he did and he told me all about the paleo diet. He is the owner of While we were talking, I looked up his site and I was so amazed that his site had so much information on it. He was not trying to sell anything. You can see that he just wants to help people. He has better information that the people at does. He explained everything he could in our conversation, but you can found all the information you want on his site. He has all the paleo answers!

So then I asked how many hours he spends in the gym a week. He just chuckled a little bit and said that he does not go to a gym for exercise. He said that all he does is a full body workout a few days a week. He says he just does a bodyweight workout a few days a week. I was amazed that he did not have a gym membership. He told me that he actually did a workout this morning before the tour. He was showing this site where he puts all his fitness ideas. There is something there for anybody! What is the best full body workout?

I have to admit that he was one of the most interesting guys I have met since I have been touring the country. I am so happy that he has a website so I can always go there for my fitness and diet ideas.

Four Beautiful Hiking Trails In The US

Take a break from the flat pavement and marathons, and enjoy some rocky terrain. America’s hiking trails are distinct in their wide open vistas, dramatic geology and diverse natural vegetation. From routes that take you through the glaciers of Alaska to paths that cut through rocky ledges overlooking Maine’s rugged coast, these are tracks that will present you with unbelievable natural scenery at every turn. And while there can never be universal agreement on the most beautiful of these places, here are four that definitely warrant exploration by anyone who has a passion for adventure tourism.

Red River Gorge

Situated in Kentucky, this 500 mile canyon trail system lies on the Red River, and is a renowned rock climbing destination around the world. It boasts distinct geological features such as hidden caves, natural stone arches, exposed rock faces and enormous sandstone cliffs that make for some pretty scenic trekking; in fact, you might think that you’re right in the middle of a Jurassic adventure!

The Red River Gorge is a scenic endurance challenge for those who want to vanish into the wild for days on end, just make sure you’ve got the right gear to spend the night in the woods. If you’re looking for a place to find durable yet lightweight air mattresses, is a good place to start.

West Maroon Creek Trail

rockiesThis ten mile long, point to point trail is located in Colorado, a state that has a plentitude of scenic hikes throughout the Rockies. It traverses through a lush glacial valley and then heads up and over the awe inspiring Maroon Pass, 12,480 feet above sea level, after which it connects to the beautiful Aspen and Crested Butte. The ideal time to hike the West Maroon Creek Trail is July, the zenith of Colorado’s wildflower season – you’ll be able to see flowers in red, white, yellow and purple all along your trip!

Harding Icefield Trail, Kenai Fjords National Park

Situated in Alaska, this 8 mile roundtrip day hike will take you straight back to the Ice Age. The trail starts with a steep climb from the valley’s floor, going through meadow and forest, after which it goes above the tree line and concludes at a truly astounding outlook over the Harding Icefield, a huge sheet of ice and snow that extends for more than 300 square miles and has 40 glaciers in every direction! You’ll have plenty of vistas to enjoy while on the hike that will treat you to views of Exit Glacier as well as the Resurrection River.

Precipice Trail, Acadia National Park

This short 1.6 mile roundtrip hike is located in Maine and features ocean scenery from the Northeast mountains. As any hiker who has taken this trip will say, this is something that you must experience on your own. Don’t let its short length fool you though, it climbs up for a thousand feet through narrow ledges on the Eastern face of Champlain Mountain, and will give you the most dramatic, dizzying view of the harsh Maine coast.

Anniston Personal Injury Attorney Needs A Little Assistance

Running to Help an Anniston Personal Injury Attorney Get Back into Shape

There was a fun run in my area which the main objective was to raise funds for the recovery of a personal injury attorney who was assaulted 2 weeks ago by a couple of drunkards. I was intrigued and it really caught my attention because he was well known for being really generous and a sports enthusiast.

I am already familiar about this Anniston personal injury attorney because I’ve seen him on television. He was interviewed by a sports reporter on CNN as to how he manages to jog and train every morning, then work the rest of the day. He was a very active person and even joins some triathlon events.

Well, since I have nothing to do during that day, I signed in and joined the fun run. It was really fun and what’s quite different about this fun run is that most runners are lawyers, solicitors, attorneys and even a couple of old judges. I guess they should change fun run to “law run,” because of the high percentage law familiar people running.

It was overall fun and entertaining, and by the end of the day they’ve actually managed to get around $7000 dollars which I believe is good enough to pay hospital bills for the poor guy. What worries me is that on the news report, the attorney suffered a few cracked ribs and a broken leg, so it might devastate him if he will be restrained from running for a few months until he fully recovers. But I just hope and pray for the best.

Running to Help an Anniston Personal Injury Attorney Get Back into Shape
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Although there are a lot of cases having the same type of injury managed to have a full recovery usually around 3 – 6 months with proper therapy and nutrition, so I guess he will be okay soon. I just hope he doesn’t overdo it. And he can still manage to do his law work while recovering.

The reports also said that the drunkards responsible for what happened were influenced by drugs. I just wish that they will be punished. And thinking about it, I’m quite sure they will be.  Because they just messed with the wrong man. First of all, he is an attorney and I really believe that the man has lots of supporters. Judging from the fun run I guess some of the lawyers there are bound to make sure that those bad guys will be locked for good.

Well, that was my adventure yesterday and I hope you guys enjoyed it, keep running and travel safe guys.

By the way, the flyer I got from the fun run provided details about the attorney’s website. So you can check it out if you want. See below:
(256) 235-1901



Food and Wine Tastings in Napa

If you want to have the best food and wine as you travel, then Napa is the best option to visit. It serves best food and world-class wine to all its tourists. If you only have $10 in your pocket, you don’t need to worry because with that budget, you can already have a perfect meal in Napa. There are different ways to save and enjoy this beautiful place and here are some tips to follow. If you want to survive on the small budget you have, you have to stick to it and base your expenses to the market prices and familiarize yourself with several sandwich shops to reduce your expenses. There are different farmer markets in downtown Napa. Here, you can see few restaurants to enjoy with the budget you have.

Gott’s Roadside

It has locations found both in St. Helena and Napa. It offers and serves delicious and incredible burgers not more than $10. That’s how cheap it costs and you can already have tasteful burgers in Napa. There’s one interesting food shop that serves a delicious food truck called Ad Hoc. They offer crispy fried chicken made by a famous chef and it only costs $15.

Fresh Groceries

If you don’t want to go to fancy restaurants, you can cook your own food because there are various food markets where you can purchase fresh groceries for your ingredients. There are fresh vegetables, meat and spices to buy in the market. As much as you want to taste flavorful food in the restaurants, you can have that from your own cooking, you don’t need to spend huge amount of money for that. To really enjoy your stay in Napa, it’s okay to splurge a bit in your stay, even just for one night. You can order your favorite meal in a fancy restaurant so you can experience what it’s like to be in that place. Then after that, you can already follow your budget.


You can have different tastes of wine in Napa with a low budget. There are wine bottles that only cost $15-$20 and you can already enjoy sipping and drinking it. Napa city offers wine tastings in different restaurants. Here, you get to try the wine that you want to drink so you can choose the best one to purchase. Also, if you have chosen the wine for you to drink, there are wine rooms to enjoy tasting your wine. Napa is definitely the place that people should visit if they want to have that flavorful food and wine at affordable prices.

Making Friends Through Marathons


Since the time I started to run marathons, I have met a lot of people who share the same passion that I have for running. Not a lot of people take joy in doing such a strenuous activity. Some join marathons to gain experience and then leave the story behind them after they have crossed the finish line.

I am lucky, however, to have met people who see the beauty and challenge in marathons, to the point that we could meet up in various marathons across the state, without having the need tell each other to meet up. The marathons bring me and my friends together, despite our busy schedules and lives.

Just a while back, however, when I knew my friend George and I would meet for a marathon, he suddenly calls me from his place to tell me that he got into an accident and he can’t join marathons for a few months until he has fully recovered from his demise.

He accidentally slipped on his garage floor. He did not expect the floor to be wet that night of the accident where he was carrying a box from the house to the garage. As it turned out, the roof of his garage had gaping holes already, which allowed rain water to pour inside and damped the whole garage floor.

This should be a lesson: Even the most inconspicuous places in our home needs to be taken care of, less injuries and accidents are sure to happen.

Well, moral story aside, it was utterly sad that my friend and I cannot meet up for the upcoming marathon. If only the injury was not as bad, the marathon would have surely helped him regain from the accident. Marathons may be tiring but in the process they are able to tone your muscles and give your body a stronger build. If George had not been a frequent marathon runner, the damage of the accident would really have been much worse. It’s not easy to land on your back and have a box of heavy stuff fall on you and still come out stronger than all the impact.

George and I will join a welcome-back marathon soon after his doctor gives him the go signal. For now, I go and enjoy life and join marathons on my own for a while, waiting for my friend’s full recovery, soon.

Best Things to Experience When Running and Travelling

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Every year, in February, a lot of tourists visit Barcelona to join the Barcelona Half Marathon. Most of them plan their trips ahead of time to be sure that they can join this amazing event every year. They run for more than 21 km in the city and as they run the streets of Barcelona, they can see how beautiful the place is. There are so many places to visit that tourists will surely love. They run from one beautiful place to another and that is from La Rambla to the place called Sagrada Familia. Most runners were able to savor every kilometer of the marathon and after the race, the winners received their awards in Arc de Triomf. Most of the tourists want to experience more running race, that’s why they want to travel more and find cities that have various running marathon, and here are some of it.

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The Coast in Pembrokeshire

Visiting Pembrokeshire coast is one of the best things to do and it is known to have the best views to see. They are the areas of St. Davids and Solva. These areas have a coastal path that tourists encounter great and wonderful scenery and wildlife. It has a long and clean terrain that is perfect for running because it has a smooth road that is nice for their shoes.

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Lakeside in Chicago

This place is great for those who love to see unique and incredible architecture as they run along the lakefront in Chicago. Runners start the race in Oak Street beach near the North Michigan avenue and they work their way out in the south along the lakefront trail for about 2 miles until they reach the beautiful Grant Park and a fountain in Buckingham. It is where they can see a good look of the entire skyline in Chicago.

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Puy St Vincent, France

Getting here is easy and tourists can have a great ski here in the morning. In the evening, they can experience a good run in the town of Puy St. Vincent of the French Alps. People who love to ski and run at the same time are perfect to visit this place because they can do all these activities in this wonderful city. There are different paths to run into that make it more challenging for all the runners. They can run as much as they can and while they are doing this, they can go to several views of the cities that are amazing to see.