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Out on a Hiking Trip with a Plumber Friend

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Two weeks ago, a friend of mine who works at a plumbing company called CMAC Plumbing, has requested that I go with him on a hiking adventure. It has been so long since he as done something adventurous and he wishes that activity to be marathon and hiking. However, since the upcoming marathon does not fit into his schedule, we decided to go on a hiking trip instead.

It was a great way for us to bond again. It has been so long since we were out to have fun because we both had jobs and families to attend to. Definitely, outdoor activities like marathons and hiking are really a great way to reconnect with your buddies and it is a great avenue to catch up with each other’s life.

As we hiked, we talked about how our lives had been. It was really fascinating hearing stories from him about the many clients he has served as a CMAC Plumbing and Repairs expert. Unlike most people, he is very much proud of his profession. He does not find plumbing something to look down to, because he understands just how necessary a great plumbing system is, and how so little people are entering the industry just because more and more people are thinking that going “corporate” is the only way to go.

He values his work so much not just because the pay is good, but because of the many people he gets to meet on a daily basis – each with a different story to tell and each an added adventure to his ┬áprofession. He shared that one time, he went into a client’s home to see that the entire bathroom of the house was filled with mold and it was clogged. It was one of the worse client calls he had but he kept things professional and did what he had to do to save that family from serious illnesses. Thankfully, CMAC Bathroom Works is also a great branch of the company and they had the complete tools to take care of such cases.

Indeed, the trip was refreshing and beneficial for the both of us. We were able to tell each other of the great things that has happened in our lives since we last saw each other. What was even more amazing was the fact that even though it has been far too long since we hanged out, our friendship is so tight that it felt like we were just together the day before. That kind of friendship, plus the benefits of hiking and other outdoor activities, really does wonders, indeed.




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